Since 2010, I have helped thousands of people with my near-death abilities. Come to yourself instead of searching. Live your True Self on earth playfully and easily.






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October 23, 2023, 9:00 a.m.: So far I have given away 239,835 euros 😄



What inspires me

My family was severely traumatized by the war: rape, shooting situations, refugee camps, nights of bombing in Berlin. My start in life could hardly have been harder. Plagued by suicidal thoughts, I tried EVERYTHING that could help me from depression and panic attacks. In 2002 I was almost killed in a riding accident. The near death experience was my greatest gift: I landed directly in the goal of spirituality! I didn't have to search anymore! From then on I was clairvoyant and was able to advise people directly. I had the gift of soul vision. I was clairsentient and could "talk" directly to trees, landscapes and animals. And I only wanted one thing: to make the church a mystical organization again and to reform theology from the ground up. Now instead I offer EVERYONE the direct path into salvation, into enlightenment, into the truth: in seminars, telephone coaching with readings, therapeutic deletion sessions. You get your life back full of playful ease.


Impressive encounters





The 20th century super monk with many supernatural abilities, Paisios of Holy Mount Athos, prays the mystical Jesus prayer in Greek.